Calculate Till Mate

This is a COMPLETE 3-in-1 training system that will sharpen your tactics, calculation and visualization skills (click on the picture below to buy)



"I should be getting a norm for a master soon"
Alexander Bai (United States):
I first encountered Mr.Smirnov on with some of his video lessons. I was impressed with his clear teaching and managed to apply some of his principles in my game immediately after viewing. That is how I found his website, with his full courses.
I first purchased the course "GMs Secrets" before this one. It was very useful to me: Before I had been training in the wrong way,(like doing a lot of "White/Black to play and win puzzles) and got rather low results from my time spent. Now my improvement is steady and satisfactory.
I have always had problems with calculation, so I considered purchasing the new course. When I saw the price of "Calculate Till Mate", I honestly felt doubtful that it may not be worth it. How totally wrong I was!
The course explained everything I had not understood about calculation and the questions that I had; Everything you needed to know about calculation in one package.
In the middle of the course, I played a few internet games and got a surge in rating, winning a few games against opponents I had struggled with before. I even managed to generate a combination versus a strong computer(Colossus :rated 2600+ on ICC in a rapid game), corking multiple combinations into a winning endgame-Without the ideas from the course, I highly doubt I would have even considered some of the ideas.
This course gives me something I can apply and use in all of my games.
After a serious study of your courses, I have obtained what you mentioned in the course's description - the "results". I have just won second place in a major tournament, starting as one of the botton seeds. I played versus many players I had been of afraid of before and won, getting a nice prize money. I should also be getting a norm for a master soon. I will definitely be recommending these courses to other chess players.
Of course, this will provide you with good progress, but don't think it is a simple way to get yourself a few hundred points quickly. A lot of hard work is still necessary to apply and automate these ideas in the course. I am still practicing these ideas constantly. Smirnov has provided you with all the stuff you need to know; Train on them and your results will be tremendous!

"A revolutionary change in my Middle game"
Bidyut Bikash Handique (India):
It was a huge surprise for me, when I first time came across this course. I found a course for which, I had been looking for a long time.
This course is belonged to those players who are suffering from several drawbacks in their Middle game play, i.e, poor system of calculation, not finding the best move at the critical moment, always spending much time in making a crucial decision and lack of visualization.
After completing this course, I have increased my confidence level to such an extent, resulting 14th consecutive wins in playchess and increasing 160 point within 3 days there, which gave me a revolutionary change in my play and of course it was a dream for me at one time.
I have to agree that this course Calculate Till Mate is a gateway to those players like me who are suffering from middle game inconsistency.
Everything is clear to me now, and I can handle the middle game situation more comfortably than I did before studying this course. I appreciate GM Smirnov in this regard for not hesitating to reveal the secrets of calculation, the way GMs apply. I also promote this course to all my students without any hesitation. .
Bidyut Bikash Handique (FIDE elo: 2117)
Chess Coach and player