An Endgame Expert

Play an endgame stage like Capablanca, Smyslov, or Karpov and develop a really deep understanding for the game (click on the picture below to buy)
Endgame cover


"It really works!!"
Pawel Panas (Poland):
When I think about the new course Grandmastr Igor Smirnov 'An Endgame Expert' I recall the words of the great Jose Raul Capablanca. He said that the study of the endgames is not only relevant to the endgame, but to chess in general.
Grandmaster Igor smirnov teaches the properties of each pieces. He gives us essentials knowledge about planning in the endgames.
Most importantly: this is not academic knowledge. Grandmaster Igor Smirnov shows 'in real time' how to play the endgames - and you will not find it in any chess book.
This course is truly amazing: essential, practical, systematized. No unnecessary information, and really works!!
No doubt, this is best of all existing chess courses.

"I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed and benefited from the material."
Kenneth Hills (USA):
Great work Igor. I always look forward to your courses. Really loved the endgame course - have finished the video but not done the practical part yet but will.
You have actually made studying the endgame fun and interesting and can improve practical playing strength. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed and benefited from the material you produce. You present it so well.
Going to University to study how to teach, as you have done, has proved really valuable. Thanks!
If I ever see you in a Pub, the first two rounds are on me!

"My son and I have gained significant progress in our playing level."
Suartana Kadek (Indonesia):
This course is just fantastic........!!! It simplifies complicated theory but yet provides powerful chess understanding. My son and I have gained significant progress in our playing level.
Recently my son was beating a senior player who might have been playing chess for more than 10 years...
I highly recommend it to any player who is tired of studying hundreds of pointless theories.
Thanks, Igor!

"The point is that I quickly felt the results."
Goujon Antoine (France):
Dear Igor,
Thank you for you help. I appreciate it very much.
First of all, I want to tell you that I am very fond of your courses. I like very much the practical way you teach chess.
The point is that I quickly felt the results and I felt much more confortable about my thinking process. So thank you for this ! (but it's also hard work....pratical parts are tough job!)
I already had nice victories thank to you and I obviously intend to buy your next courses.

"In just four hours time, entire middle to endgame transition picture gets clear to you"
Jai Prakash Singh (India):
After going through the entire "An Endgame Expert" course, I am pretty sure that this is the best end-game training course one can find.
The high point of this course is clear instructions and high quality voice of GM and videos which get the solutions of extremely complex middle to endgame transition situations straight in the listener's head.
GM has been quite honest with his explanations and recommends standard chess endgames also to be studied with this course. He says that the course covers 90% of the endgame knowledge and rest 10% one can get from standard endgame books.
In just four hours time, entire middle to endgame transition picture gets clear to you through the videos and prepares you to understand the practical challenging problems to understand.
With all the five GM Igor Smirnov's courses, any 1500-1900 FIDE rated player can easily get 200-300 more rating points in a year if he seriously follows the guidelines provided and plays 3-4 high level FIDE rated tournaments.
The mix of psychology and chess analysis in GM Igor's courses is very difficult to find in modern books. (Second World Champion Emanuel Lasker had this approach in the past.)

"It deals with such simple and effective advice, that it must skyrocket your endgames skills."
Loic Grande (France):
Wow !! Simple and effective, that'a all we want !!
There is absolutely a ton of Chess Books, it's a known fact : lots of texts, but not enough concrete things and not so practically.
Here in the Endgame Expert course, it deals with such simple and effective advice, that's it must skyrocket your engamdes skills.
I think it's really a great pleasure to follow the courses and do the practical part.
Igor Smirnov prove us that books are not essential, we just have to understand general ideas, and to become a Master.
Have a nice day.
Loic G.