How to Beat Titled Players

Master the 5 Chess Weapons and learn how to defeat opponents that are 200 or even 300 rating points ahead of you (click on the picture below to buy)



The impact on the quality of my play and tournament results has been immediate.
Kenneth Hills, USA
"Igor's course 'How to beat titled players' is packed with valuable practical advice. Just like his two previous works 'The Grandmaster's Secrets' and 'The Grandmaster's Openings Laboratory', Igor Smirnov has a way of explaining complex ideas in an accessible way while introducing you to material that I have never seen elswhere.
Let me emphasize the course is very much focused on practical aspects of improving your chess. I cannot rate this material highly enough and recommend it without reservation. The impact on the quality of my play and tournament results has been immediate.
This latest course helps you understand how to go about beating stronger players and not just in an abstract way but, assuming you are willing to work hard at the course work he gives you, in a manner that improves your playing strength.

It contains a lot of unique ideas, which are not presented in chess books.
Sahapol Nakvanich, Thailand
Dear Sir,
After listen to your course on "How to Beat Titled Players" I recommend to anyone who want to improve and want to beat titled player.
It contains a lot of unique ideas, which are not presented in chess books. The course helped me to look at the chess game from another angle. Now I know what is the best style of playing and how exactly I can win even against much stronger opponents.
I have purchased all your courses and I found them really useful!
Secretary Thailand Chess Association,
Sahapol Nakvanich

I have learnt so much already from the first few modules...
Leonard C., UAE
My teacher told me, that I am already the best player at my school!
I am 10 years old and live in Dubai (UAE), I am in the 5th grade.
I started to play chess a few years ago, my parent taught me the rules and some basic strategies.
Even though I knew the game, I did not have the right strategical understanding to beat stronger opponents...but after watching Igor Smirnovs GM Secrets (together with my Dad) I suddenly was able to beat all players of my school (even the teachers, which played for years) and I managed to win against my Dad (former club player !) several times!
Yesterday I received the new course "How to beat stronger Players" from Igor Smirnov and I already watched and studied a good bit of it.
Again, this course is *SUPER*! I have learnt so much already from the first few modules and I am confident, that I will beat MUCH stronger opponents very soon (I plan to become a club player in the summer time...)!

This has the potential to bring your play to a level that might not previously thought possible.
Werner Poets, Belgium
How to Beat Titled Players” is without doubt the most advanced course presented by GM Smirnov until now. Yet there is no extensive foreknowledge needed to benefit from this course. This course is for this also suitable for talented kids who want a to lift there play to a higher level.
Those already familiar with the quality of the previous courses of GM Smirnov, I can assure that also this course exceeds expectations.
As with previous courses, the key concepts are clearly explained and illustrated with concrete examples. This visual approach allows you to memorize this concepts easy. This contrasts with books where everything is explained with an algebraic notation. I think during a chess game using images and not an algebraic notation. Is this also the case for you?
That GM Smirnov beside a chess player also a psychologist is, is clear from the first lesson. There is no explanation of how the opponent hypnotizes but how you can force a opponent, also a strong opponent, to make mistakes that you can exploit. For clarity, these techniques are methods to find good moves. Such good moves that their psychological impact on your opponent is profound.
What weapons might be used to achieve this and how to handle them is explained in several lesson. These weapons are analogous to the techniques of a practitioner of martial arts. The different lessons are organized around a skill that is divided into sub techniques so that you clearly know what actions you need to perform so you can integrate them into your systematical thought process.
Interestingly, all these techniques can be used in almost every game. It is not a collection of obscure tricks that seldom can be applied.
Special is that these techniques are complementary so that when they're well mastered they are mutually reinforcing. This has the potential to bring your play to a level that might not previously thought possible. I am sure that you also will be convinced of this potential even after the first time you are going through the course material. This will contribute to your motivation to exercise these techniques so that they become routine. Motivation is necessary because, although the techniques are easy to understand much time and effort be will needed to master these techniques (at least to me). To guide this in efficient manner in the good direction, plenty high quality en to the point exercises en tasks are included in the practical part of the course.
What are you waiting for? Just a few clicks further is the clear explanation of the skills that you have been looking for so long. No more dry and boring games. Learn to use weapons which you make a tough opponent.

I got to apply the weapons in “How to beat Titled Players” immediately after I bought the course. My first game was against a player rated 350 points higher than myself. In that game I sacrificed my Rook with a continued attack, and I obtained a winning position. The continuous barrage of applying and interchanging the weapons had such a psychological effect on my opponent, he felt nervous, he crumbled under the pressure, and eventually he resigned the game. My games are not without mistakes, but applying the tools and developing the skills has lead to many beautiful wins at my opponents expense. Strong players can be beaten!
Christopher Wright (New Zealand)