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The Art of Endgame

01This is a real TRAINING, which develops your SKILLS. Hence, you’ll be able to improve your chess strength properly, If you have studied the course “An Endgame Expert” – good for you! You are already way beyond most other players of your level. Now it’s time to go forward and achieve greater goals! This webinar will be based on the STUDENTS’ needs and questions. We have analysed your games and have shown you what’s wrong and how to get better. That’s quite a unique chance for you!

Typical Mistakes in Practical Middlegame and Endings

02If your chess progress is not as fast as you want (or if you stuck on some level) – this is caused by some errors in your games. It’s hard to get rid of our weaknesses. Moreover, sometimes we can’t even realize exactly what’s wrong. You just keep learning chess, but don’t get the desired results. In Remote Chess Academy we interact with thousands of students. Hence we know the most common weaknesses of chess players. We’ll be glad to help you eliminate the weak sides of your play, and to unleash your movement forward through such webinars like this.

The Minority Attack

03International Master Attila Turzo the very first ever to start giving online chess lessons in the history of online chess lessons, he has over 13 years of experience of online chess coaching. Attila Turzo has explained the deep strategic plan involved in approaching the Minority Attack, from the very basic level to advanced techniques and ideas.Moreover, not only ideas – he will also introduce some of his novelties. Furthermore, he has discussed many transformations to these positions, like from the Queen’s Gambit Declined.

The Art of Exchange Sacrifice

04Nowadays it’s NOT enough to follow the basic chess rules like “fight for the centre”, “occupy weak squares” etc., Your opponent is well-aware of these fundamentals just as well as you. So, how can you overcome your opponents? You must have some EXTRA skillsthat most of the other players do NOT possess. One of such “secret weapons” is an exchange sacrifice (sacrifice of a rook for an opponent’s bishop or knight).Most of the players are aware about this technique, BUT can never use it in their own games. On the contrary, some great players like Aronian, Topalov, Kramnik and others have been using “an exchange sacrifice” REPEATEDLY to defeat the strongest rivals!  GM Vadim Milov will show you how YOU can implement this powerful technique into your games.

Planning, Evaluation & Fortress

05When you don’t have any gaps in your chess education, your results will become GOOD and STABLE. From our side, we do compare the results of different coaches, and select only the best ones for you. All players at any level make mistakes, even the top players, as we are all human. That’s why, in this special lesson, IM Lilov will show you what the typical mistakes committed by the most players are. It will help you to avoid these in your games and to see when your opponent is making a mistake.

Chess Opening Disasters

06In this webinar you’ll train the following skills, Exactly how to eliminate mistakes in an early stage of a game, How to handle opening complications, How to eliminate unnecessary risk from your play and Chess opening traps beginners always fall for.  IM Alex Kundin is a Former Europe youth champion, An experienced chess coach who has prepared a lot of strong players all around the world and specializes in chess openings where he has extensive knowledge.

How to win a won game

07While playing a chess game, quite often you can obtain a SUPERIOR position. It could happen then thanks to your good opening preparation or sometimes your opponent plays badly. After that you face the famous question in chess: “How to win a won game?”  This is not as simple as it seems. An opponent gets tricky and tries to mix the things up. Often you have to play precise moves under time pressure. Then you can spoil a good game, not getting a well-deserved win. Of course you can blame “that lucky guy” (your opponent) for that, or grieve for“an oversight in time trouble”. That’s what most players do in such cases. However, obviously there’s a better option. You can learn appropriate techniques and always finish your opponents off! Look at “chess killers” like Topalov, Carlsen, Adams etc. In a worse position, nobody can escape from them. If your wish to acquire those skills of “a chess killer” – you have to own this webinar.

Playing for a WIN

08In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use all your chances in defending and surviving bad positions. GM Dlugy will help you to learn this technique by showing and analysing some of his own games where he struggled but managed to survive in losing positions. GM Maxim Dlugy  was formerly ranked #1 in the world by the World Blitz Chess Association and Got silver and bronze medals in a couple of US championships (and he was a president of the US Chess Federation).

Сhess engines: how to use them properly

09Did you feel that you have been wasting all these days in your chess career without knowing how to use chess engines properly? Have you ever asked yourself questions like : “Why is the engine suggesting Rfd1 instead of Rad1?” or “WHAT?! This position is losing for black but how does the engine say it’s equal?” or even “Why is the engine showing +0.00 here, while it is losing for white in the next 2 moves?!” Probably, your might have got clues for answers to these questions, in the above video, but there are much more to learn! You’ll find answers to all such questions and you’ll learn that to how much extent, you can trust engines’ evaluations, in our webinar  “Chess engines: how to use them properly?”

The Art of Counter Attack

milov350In a chess game, when an opponent is attacking, weaker players will usually ONLY think about defense. Strong players understand that you should notmake defensive moves automatically. Very often you will have something morepowerful to play and you should look for it.
So, if you are asked this question: How to defend against a strong attack? The best way is “COUNTER ATTACK”. Many strong grandmasters look for counter attacks at the first instance and only then think about defending the position. You must always look for the active and the best 

How to survive bad positions

dlugyFirst, let me ask you a few questions. Have YOU ever faced situations like playing in a bad position, or the game itself started badly for you, a tactical error forced you to give up material or maybe simply a series of weak moves propelled you into an almost deadly spiral and a lost position?
So what is the solution? It’s very SIMPLE – as the fact is – until the game is over, you still have chances to resist!

Intuitional Rook Endgames

image001We have invited our friend and VERY strong GM Mikhailo Oleksienkoto teach you how to play rook endgameswith only one pawn left properly. He will show you the general principles to keep in mind, such as how to place your rooks to attack and defend.
Last but not least, he will give you the secrets that you must know that even strong Grandmasters sometimes forget.
He’s the current Ukrainian Rapid Chess Champion, has won a couple of international tournaments and achieved an awesome 2640 rating in 2014.

My Thinking System

confused1Nowadays, there are tons of new chess books and videos developed. Each of them suggests to you dozens of rulesplansvariations, etc. However, on a practical level, this does NOT help you that much. Actually, it can mix things up even more.
All those ideas make sense. Each of them follows a certain chess rule. But you can’t play them all. You’ll have a hard time figuring out the best move.

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