The order to study my courses

Not sure where to jump in? 
No problem. We are here to help you. Firstly, please consider the following suggestions.

Just starting out with chess?
If you are just starting out, I would recommend that you begin with The Grandmaster's Positional Understanding course as it contains the most essential information and will provide a good base for your quick future progress.

For your convenience, a link to this course is provided here: LINK

Having studied The Grandmaster's Positional Understanding, I would suggest that you then study The Grandmaster’s Secrets. These two courses complement each other and together will provide you with much excellent practice.

For more on this course, a convenient link follows: LINK

Choose your own path
Because these courses are about DIFFERENT topics, the order that you study them in is not that important. As a result, you are free to read the descriptions of each course and to choose whatever course interests you most.

In addition to containing general recommendations about chess strategy, learning and so forth, each course presents a complete system for a certain topic, starting from the base ideas and moving up to the expert issues.

Consequently, my courses contain recommendations that are universal and thus useful for any player.

For your convenience, a link to my various courses is provided here: LINK

For the more advanced player
If you are a more advanced player, the How to Beat Titled Players course may well be a good choice for you. This course presents a unique system comprised of special weapons for beating stronger opponents.

For more on this course, a link is provided here: LINK

Want better training habits?
If you are interested in HOW you can train more effectively, what the most efficient training plan is and the like, you might consider my Self-taught Grandmaster course.

A comprehensive training program for your chess development through to expert level, the Self-Taught Grandmaster course is designed to help you to get the MOST benefit out of your training (and the learning of my other courses).

For your convenience, a link to this course is here: LINK

One possible order of study
As mentioned above, the sequence in which you might study my courses really depends upon your personal needs. However, one possible order of study might be:
  1. The Grandmaster's Positional Understanding.
  2. The Grandmaster’s Secrets.
  3. Self-taught Grandmaster.
  4. The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory.
  5. Calculate Till Mate
  6. An Endgame Expert.
  7. How to Beat Titled Players.
  8. Your Winning Plan.
Again, please note that this is only one possible order, not a vital one. The final decision as to which of my courses will best suit your needs is up to you.

For your convenience, you may read the full description of my courses here: LINK

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