Grandmaster's Secrets

This contains the MOST essential principles of chess. Showing you how to think like a strong player step-by-step (click on the picture below to buy)



I wish to write that studying of a video course «The Grandmaster's secrets» by Igor Smirnov has changed my chess outlook to a considerable degree. First of all, the course learns to think correctly during the chess game. When you start to think in a correct direction, progress in understanding of game occurs quickly and effectively.
Otherwise, the player at some instant understands that as though he tried to continue to accumulate further knowledge – the effect from it will be very small. It was happened with me. One day I realized that my training brings no progress at all.
Course studying has allowed me to systematise the thought process appreciably. I have understood about what it is necessary to think during the game first of all; on what to concentrate the attention during the game.
Besides improvement of system of thinking, the course also has opened my eyes on the basic ideas and principles by which it is necessary to be guided in an opening, middlegame and an endgame. Also I have learnt how to find the concrete moves properly. Formerly I tried to avoid the complicated positions – now I feel comfortable in these situations.
Though I am not an Englishman, I understood everything clearly. Besides, the course contains the text version of lectures also. It is very convenient.
In general studying of this course strongly motivated me to continue to be engaged in chess and to reach deep level of understanding of this game. And I have understood that it is quite real goal!
Grigoriev Aleksey, Ukraine

Igor Smirnov's course: "The Grandmaster's Secrets" offers a crystal clear approach to self-improvement on a practical level.
He explains, in easy to understand language, the necessary way of thinking that one must use throughout the Opening, Middlegame, and Endgame to achieve high level results. Igor also explains many typical mistakes that beginners make when trying to study by themselves without a trainer.
I highly recommend this course to anyone above 1200 ELO and truly believe that it can take you to the FM level and beyond.
Konstantin Fedoseev, USA

We live in an age where there is a lot information in the form of chess books and videos. The problem is they are copies from a database without explanation, or they are moves that provide a superficial explanation of the position with the view to meet the level of the average club player. Knowledge is provided, but omit the needs of the progressive student. No IM or GM wishes to give their own secret analysis because they want to keep it to themselves for their own use. Hence, why club players don’t improve because the source information is concealed.
By contrast GM Igor Smirnov is not scared to be honest telling you what the professional chess player actually does today. His focus on quality helps you to lift your mediocre standards. His approach is simple and effective. Igor’s tuition comes from his own experience, so he knows what he is talking about. As Igor states “proved by practice”.
However, such a serious teacher requires a serious and aspiring student, and if you are willing to accept his recommendations then you will achieve your chess goals.
IA. Dr. Christopher Wright (New Zealand)
International Arbiter of FIDE

"GM Igor Smirnov has developed an effective system of chess improvement. If you follow his advice, you will become a stronger player. To back up my claim, I have evidence that following Igor's system will get you good results.
Recently, I won a qualification tournament for a GM round robin (first in my life) with GM norm chances! I am really happy!""
Keith Mac Kinnon, Canada

"My dear Teacher IGOR SMIRNOV,
I would like to thank you first!
Secondly, to be honest, that Video is amazing. I watched the introduction and lesson 1 the 2 parts.
Wow, i didnt imagine you people think like that :)
And the most important thing is HOW TO THINK... it's like giving me the Key to Win. When i played with one of my strongest Collegues at work, he won me easily! I really felt badly, and i said, maybe Chess is not for me... But after watching the First Video, i won him Twice, with a Quality Game.
Then after watching, reading and practicing the Practical Part (not yet finished with them), i can feel the improvement, so did my friends.. They even call me in the Company Grand Master :)
And the 2nd Video (about the blunders).. it's a really Golden Advice... and i will practice on it...
And in my opinion i do recommend the both Videos and the Excersices provided with the Grand Master's Secrets to Beginners, Average, and Experts. You will not Regret it!
Mohammad Naji"

My son Justin started chess at the age of five and soon began bringing home trophies from local children’s chess tournaments.
Elated, I began to ask coaches to give him private lessons and bought several chess books. But the books were too dry for an eight-year-old. His progress was slow and bumpy. In many a game, he could not find a single tactics to employ. Sometimes, he simply did not know how to proceed. The games became lifeless.I did not know how to help him improve other than switching coaches. That is how I stumbled into Igor.
From the first lesson, I became instantly fascinated by his simple clear teaching. He focuses on a few cardinal principles of the chess games that makes sense to the students and who can apply in the games. He supplements the principles with a systemic way of thinking to find the best moves in every turn.
Justin’s game took off immediately. In the next few months, he was gaining 200 ICC points in rating per month until 2000. He excitedly reported that when he followed the principles learned from the lessons, the positions on the board became so favorable that tactics just came to him. I can honestly say this: as far as my boy is concerned, Igor is the best chess coach in the world!
Mujun Ju, China

GM Smirnov,
These video and text presentations are oustanding! I have been studying chess books and materials for many hours a day but have not been able to make any significant headway in my playing skill--until now!
Finally, a GM who can explain the ways and means of improving chess ability in terms that even a fish (no longer!) like me can understand :) After applying your methods of principled play, my chess skill has improved dramatically. I can actually "see" the board and the game much differently!! My rating on the ICC improved from 1400 to 1780 in about 7 months!!
I highly recommend anyone who wishes to improve their playing skill to watch these highly instructional videos!
Thank you soo much!
Robert Kent
Major, U.S. Army

I am TARRAF Tarraf from Lebanon, 36 years old.
I started to play chess at 23. After reading many books and watching many chess videos, I didn't achieve too much progress.
After watching the chess course "The Grandmaster's Secrets" by GM Igor Smirnov I start to know better what is chess and how to think and how to play.This course contains the most important rules and ideas for every chess player. My performance get better so quickly.
GM Smirnov will guide you in this course and teach you how to begin and how to progress, with his own system from the beginning to the end.
After all it's a very recommendable chess course and I consider it very essential and a base for every chess player.

Werner Poets (Belgium), owner of the chess course "The Grandmaster's secrets":
I'm Poets Werner, 39 years old.
Who is fascinated by chess is looking for a way to get more understanding of the game. There is an abundance of books, CD's and DVD's on chess. The problem is this: most of this material is not adapted to your own level, most of the offered knowledge can rarely be applied and covers only one aspect of chess game so it is not clear how this should be connected with the other phases of the game.
The course of GM Smirnov gives clear guidelines to manage complexity of chess. Not by using infinitely many rules but by a method that allows you to channel your thought process. This makes your thought process much more efficient. In clear and simple way is explained how you should systematically analyze a position and how to prepare a plan. In the practical part you can practice this. The difficulty of the exercises gradually increase. It is great to, by applying the reflection method proposed by GM Smirnov, to look with new eyes at games grand masters. What previously seemed like magic to me is now clear.
The course "The Grand Master's secrets" is one of high quality with many practical exercises that allow to optimize your thought process. This not only saves money but also time so you can make faster a significant progress. This way you stay motivated so you can make further progress. I wish I had during my childhood already know the clear directives GM Smirnov.
I am not saying that with the course "The Grand Master's secrets" you become a good chess player without any effort. I argue however that with this course one has a method that allows you to reward your efforts.
And there is the difference between my level before practising the guidelines proposed in the course "The Grand Master's Secrets" and my current game level. This made a difference in a few months from 200 ELO. I hope you’ll allow yourself to make progress!