Grandmaster's Openings Laboratory

Know the secrets of proper and efficient opening preparation. With a complete opening repertoire this is a must-have (click on the picture below to buy)



"...these two courses simply invaluable as a help to save a lot of time and efforts."
"I am amazed how much methodologically competently (step by step) this course (by the way, and the first course "The GM's secrets" too) is made.
The focusing goes on the most important ideas (without any "water" or unnecessary variants); it helps to build correct system of thinking in a head. The Course shows the basic strategic ideas of an opening on which it is necessary to concentrate your attention first of all. Thus it becomes clear why some openings (for example, Pirc or King's Indian defense) which seems good at first sight, actually are doubtful enough - because they transfer these unresolved problems to the middlegame.
In a course there are many practical recommendations which I have found useful to myself: how to work effectively with a database, how to use the computer for an openings' studying etc. The practical part of a course - which helps to create a powerful opening repertoire both for white and for the black - deserves separate panegyrics.
By the way, for those who want to study chess seriously - these two courses simply invaluable as a help to save a lot of time and efforts."
Grygoriev Alexey (UKR)

" will get a sound and honest repertoire that can be played up to master level and beyond."
Andreas Muegge (Germany)
, owner of the chess course
"The GM's Openings Lab."

"It's very tempting to study openings - who doesn't want to get a good or winning position after a couple of moves? Unfortunately it doesn't work this way and it's not so obvious why. GM Igor Smirnov understands the dilemma and guides the chess student into the right direction.
He shows how to learn the openings efficiently - any opening - and even better, he has prepared a complete opening repertoire, saving you a lot of time.
It contains no shortcuts or exotic variations, you will get a sound and honest repertoire that can be played up to master level and beyond.
I have used it in the last weeks and can say that it leads to exciting chess games. Does it make me a better player? Not without further work, but the focus is always on the basic principles of chess and I know clearly what to do in the middlegame where the real battle starts."

"The only thing I regret is I lost so much time looking for such a course!"
Gyulia Mamedova (Azerbaijan),
owner of the chess course
"The Grandmaster's Openings Laboratory".

"I've started Igor Smirnov's "Grandmaster's opening laboratory" recently. I was sure I would have any results after I have finished it. But my chess skills are improving so fast that I decided to share my results for today with other chess funs.
Yes, I'm just a chess fun! The course is so easy to absorb that even beginners can use it without any difficulty. I.Smirnov leads you during the course, answers all the questions arising, explains everything in a very simple way.
I'm advancing step by step and believe in becoming more and more confident in chess by the end of the course.
My father was a professional chess player. He left me a lot of books on chess theory -from easy ones to very hard. I tried to learn them by myself but gave up many times. Why? Because I got lost in the information.
Now, after I. Smirnov's recommendations the openings in the theory books are very clear to me to choose. I appreciate I.Smirnov for sharing the opening secrets with anybody who is really interested in chess. Learning chess with such a professional coach helps to improve the ability of thinking in advance, analyze the situation, build a good strategy and tactics to achieve it.
The only thing I regret is I lost so much time looking for such a course! So, I advise you not to waste time and start it.
I would like to finish with saying "There is no limit in what you can do, once you put your mind to it". And chess is no exception."

Honestly I was so impressed from the Videos! I watched them all, and now I am learning the Practical exercises.
I cannot say anything else except there is a lot of effort in these Videos, in addition to secrets !
Although it needs a lot of exercise, but if I follow all your recommendations, I will not be lost in learning all the openings :)

Thanks a lot.
Well, I will not recommend these videos to people who bought the other videos, because they will defently buy it.
I will recomend it to people who is really (a lot of people) in a headache or trouble in wanting to master the Opening, which is a key to any Chess winning.
Highly recommendable For Beginners and Professionals!
Mohammad Naji

"When I started playing chess competitively about a year ago, my first chess coach decided to teach me what he thought was a solid, coherent opening repertoire: the idea was to bring about Slav and Caro-Kann - type positions, where I would have a very solid position - and absolutely no idea what to do next!!
The middlegame positions were always GM positions where I couldn't find any plans; I felt lost and the game felt dry. Worse: I wasn't learning much from the games.

One year later, I stumbled upon Igor's course: I was baffled by the simple yet effective advice Igor managed to pack in those lessons! I got that "a-ha!" feeling when I realized how wrongly I went about studying openings. For instance, before the master level, you shouldn't learn openings that will beat other amateurs, you should learn openings that will bring positions that will strenghten your chess understanding!! Duh!!
Then Igor sets out to teach you how to learn openings effectively and which openings are appropriate before and after master level. I must say I feel confident that I can now create a powerful opening repertoire that will finally bring the fun middlegame positions! And the ones that will actually teach me chess!"
Pedro Milet (Brazil)

Werner Poets (Belgium)
owner of the chess course  
The Grandmaster's Opening Laboratory”:
I'm Poets Werner, 39 years old.

The method of GM Smirov to improve your chess is based on working on a solid way of playing by channelling your thought processes. This is not only explained in the course "The Grand Master's secrets" but you also find there significant material to practice this method so you can make it as a second nature. Therefore I recommend to you to study first the course "The Grand Master's secrets”. Noteworthy is that this GM Smirov in this course recommend not to invest too much time in the memorization of openings and instead emphasizes more systematic thinking about your moves. This method increases your understanding of the game and this gives you greater confidence.
Yet the first thing someone is confronted with in a chess game is the opening. And after a number of games, were it goes already wrong in the first ten moves, one may have the tendency to deal with his opening repertoire. Moreover, if you play the opening of a chess game with confidence this will positively affected the further stages of the game.
This is why, I assume, GM Smirnov has developed the course "The Grandmaster's Opening Laboratory”. Here are the principles of the course "The Grand Master's secrets" applied to the various kinds of openings. There is also a distinction between openings suitable for players below master level and master players or higher. It also explains why this is so.
The Grandmaster's Opening Laboratory” gives you advice on building solid opening repertoire. You also get advice on opening lines which best fit the principles explained in the course "The Grand Master's secrets" and to avoid developments in the game which require much knowledge of opening theory. That way you can make the most of own skills that you've acquired by studying the course "The Grand Master's secrets". I can assure you that it works.
There are many books about openings. The problem is often that people, after reading such a book, will know how to play an opening game but not how it should after the opening phase. Therefore, GM Smirov has for every openings line which he suggest a great number quality games added according this line. Studying these games allows to get you inspiration for the further conduct of the game after the proposed opening line. These games are in pgn-format so you can go easily though them.
You can have this unique and practical useful course material for a price of less than two books. What are you waiting for?