RCA strategy

In order to win a chess game, you should have a strategic PLAN.
Similarly, you need a plan for your overall chess progress.

There are 3 core principles that guide the whole work of Remote Chess Academy (RCA) and help us achieve outstanding results. These principles are presented by letters I → S on our logo.

Intellectual Sport
In order to increase physical power – you perform physical sports.
In order to increase your brain power – you need an intellectual sport. And that is CHESS.
In RCA, we treat chess as a tool for developing one’s mental power and a champion psychology. That’s how we help people grow personally, becoming a winner in chess, as well as in any other activity.

Improvement -> Success
One of the key points of our Remote Chess Academy is your constant everyday improvement! It can be a very small step forward but even a 1% improvement a day, brings an awesome 365% improvement in a year!
How do you know if you are progressing or not? How huge your progress is? The only way to evaluate it is to look at your results.
That’s why we are very result-oriented. We don’t provide you information, but practical skills. Our goal is to help you become a winner, a CHAMPION.

I → S. also relates to Igor Smirnov
This means that I am (together with all other RCA members) is always here to help you on your way forward.
RCA is a place where people have friendly communication for the sake of pleasant and useful experience.

Sincerely Yours,
GM Igor Smirnov
Remote Chess Academy