Grandmaster's Positional Understanding

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"The results were too good for me!"
Durgesh K (Bangalore city, India):
I always had this question as to what these GMs and IMs think in their head during the game. I always found it tough to understand the nuances of chess. I had lost hopes and resigned to the fact that there is no one who can give correct answer to my question. Chess improvement seemed too far for me.
Then came your ground breaking positional understanding video training program. It blew me away right from the start.
The results were too good for me, I started winning convincingly against 1900 rated players and the recent scalp was 2160 rated player. I dedicate all these wins to you. Its because of your lessons that my thinking process is streamlined.
I think in these times where top GMs don't share their understanding and skills, you are the only gem to break the rules and create an envious following. You are the best. Thanks a ton again.
Durgesh K
Innovators Chess Academy


"Hear this: they work!"
Philip Porter (USA):
Last time I contacted you it was because I defeat an opponent rated 1000 points higher than me.
Yesterday I just finished a tourney and i defeated one opponent rated 1200 points higher than me then another rated 800 points higher. Afterward ppl were coming to me asking who I was, whats my rating and if I knew who I had just defeated as if I had defeated the best players around.
Not to brag but I thought those guys werent too difficult. I've studied GM secrets thoroughly. I have also studied your opening, positional and planning courses somewhat, but not like i should have. To top this off its been about 6 weeks since I've done anything chess related.
So for anyone out there questioning ANY of Igor Smirnov's course, hear this, they work! And this is coming from a guy who didnt completely study the aboved courses yet. The money I have spent on your courses has been repaid EASILY with the tournament I have won thus far!!

"About two months ago I decided to give it another try…"
Zoltan Pall (Romania):
Hi Igor Smirnov
A year ago I purchased your Grandmaster's Secrets lesson. I felt instantly that this is what I need. However my ratings didn't go up. I decided not to use your refund policy. Simply because I felt that something might be wrong with me and not with the course. Anyway I was a little disappointed.
About two months ago I decided to give it another try and bought the GM's Positional Understanding course.
Let me tell U this: after your Grandmaster's Secrets course I felt a little bit disappointed but after purchasing your GM's Positional Understanding course I was and still I am delighted. After studying (I still am) I had the "I was blind but now I see" feeling. And even now when playing chess I have this strong ("I was blind but now I see") feeling.
I can't say enough how happy this makes me. Moreover, I'm looking forward to finish this and hit The Grandmaster's Secrets again. Sincerely I can't even explain to myself what the hell I couldn't understand then.
After studying the GM's Positional Understanding the wonderful thing is that now I understand why I was losing. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to lick your boots, it's just that I'm that happy.
I wish you all the best, keep up with the good work.
A satisfied customer,
Zoltan Pall
PS My ratings went higher with 200 points instantly, and I haven't started the practical part yet.

"Positional concepts are automatically leading to good combinations."
Jai Prakash Singh (India):
Hi Sir,
Please accept my congratulations for a great chess course "GM's Positional Understanding". Now I have seen all the seven videos and done some exercises too (It will take some time to complete all the exercises). This course is really good. I am able to apply the methods in my games and could win five games at and many at other sites too without any draws or losses since then.
Positional concepts are automatically leading to good combinations which was not happening consistently previously. So, without positional sense, chess becomes a gamble for a tactical player. But with positional knowledge, consistency enters in a chess player's style and then tactics also comes into full effect.