June 24, 2012

Review the chess course Calculate Till Mate

Contains the video lessons:
Now, I’m the type of chess coach and GM who wants to make sure you know what you are getting… and I’m also pretty sure you are excited to know what’s inside the videos..
Eight chess lectures oozing with game-changing training methods and tools are waiting for you!
LECTURE #1: Deepest And Most Fundamental Tactical Knowledge!
The very first video lesson is all about setting the SOLID and RIGHT foundations for the intense training and games ahead. No fillers – in this video, we get down to business right away by showing you the DEEPEST and MOST FUNDAMENTAL tactical knowledge.
LECTURE #2 (Part-1): Be A World-Class Calculator
After setting the foundation, we will now look at what it takes to be a VERY good at chess calculation (Hint: There are 3 skills you need to have). We will take a look at:
The whole calculation process summarized in a nutshell.
When we should calculate (it’s not the same for every position!)
The whole calculation process summarized in a nutshell.
The compass for forming plans and calculating variations – main strategic goal of a chess game.
When to MAINTAIN or BREAK contact and tension..
LECTURE #2 (Part-1): Be A World-Class Calculator
Your training to be a world-class calculator continues with this video lesson. Building up from the previous video, I will REVEAL:t:
What it’s IMPORTANT to do BEFORE any calculation.!
Which moves you should calculate first. !
What you should keep in mind when calculating and predicting your opponent’s next move.
The compass for forming plans and calculating variations – main strategic goal of a chess game..
The “Comparison” & “Elimination” Method and how useful they are when calculating.
And tons of other ‘no non-sense’ and practical tips and techniques!
LECTURE #3: Within The Thickets Of Variations
With the thorough explanation about the process of calculation provided on Lecture #2, it’s now time to get down on specific techniques and tricks to make you a SHARPER and far more EFFICIENT calculator!
You will learn:
WHAT to do when there’s another branching point in your calculation
WHEN to conclude your calculation & evaluate the resulting position
HOW to evaluate activity
A simple but very important technique you should implement after calculating complicated variations
And those are just to name a few!
LECTURE #4: Practical Tips For Peak Performance
Applying ALL of the techniques and tips from the previous lesson will make you a formidable player, but we will take your performance level up another notch with this lesson! We will weed out the bad mental approaches from the good.
You will learn:
One of the MOST HARMFUL things most players do in real games.
Correct mental approach during your practical games.
HOW to evaluate activity
How to avoid time-trouble and what you should do if you find yourself running out of time.
And other juicy and very useful mental tools and approaches that can only boost your game!.
LECTURE #5: Tactical Hurricane
In the previous lessons, the whole calculation process has been ripped apart into bite-sized and easy-to-digest chunks. For the fifth lesson, the spotlight focuses on combinations! Yeah, the stuff that has and continues to mesmerize and motivate us to play chess!
But this time, you are more than a spectator to jaw-dropping combinations. You will learn how to produce these sparkling combinations and sacrifices in your own games!
Learn what a combination is and how you can apply them in your own games.
The interplay of activity and material, and how these two factors strongly influence your choice of moves and make combinations possible..
The different types of sacrifices and the advantages they bring.
What to do when you are ahead in the ‘activity department’ and HOW to gain such an ADVANTAGE.
Where you should attack (there are 3 important factors to keep an eye on).
The definition of tactical weakness and how you can spot them.
Why attacking and marching forward whenever possible is IMPORTANT!
After this lesson, you will have a solid and deeply-grounded understanding of combinations…and finding and playing them on your games will be so MUCH easier!
LECTURE #6: All The MAIN Combinations
Understanding how combinations work and having the right mental approach and tools will make it 10 times easier to find and play such ‘shockers’. Now, imagine if you learn ALL of the main combinations? That would only sharpen your combinational and tactical vision!
And that’s precisely what you will get in the 6th lesson. I will show you all of the typical combinations that should be in your arsenal.
Along with that, you will learn:
The REAL importance of knowing typical combinations… and WHY overdoing your study about these would lead to diminishing returns.
More on sacrifices, and why you should play them even if it’s impossible to calculate it down to a win.
Important ‘rules of thumb’ about compensation when you sacrifice a pawn or a piece in the opening
And tons more!
LECTURE #7: Training And Bringing Your Skills To Practice!
With the 6 previous lessons, the focus was giving you the right tools and orienting you on the necessary skills needed for improving your tactics, calculation, and visualization by leaps and bounds.
In the 7th lesson, I will show you, STEP-BY-STEP, how you can train these skills. I will REVEAL:
How to PROPERLY analyze games of STRONG attacking players.
What questions you should ask when analyzing to train your understanding of chess THOROUGHLY.
How to train your calculation system and the IMPORTANCE of IDEAL calculation in this process.
How to improve your knowledge of typical combinations 10 times better than just solving tactical exercises from a book or chess database.
How to train your visualization skills even if you have a hard time visualizing a whole board filled with pieces

Contains the practical part:
No chess improvement program would be complete without the MUCH-NEEDED training program to make sure lessons sink in and to automate the skills necessary to transform your game and chess performance.
We now come to my most favorite part of the course – the Practical Part. Day-in and day-out, following this program down to the “T” will let you experience the AMAZING progress and success that my private students have been enjoying in secret!
25 Main Tasks
These tasks have been built from the ground up to make sure that your tactics, calculation, and visualization skills get the MASSIVE boost it needs!
From writing down your current calculation system to pinpoint deficiencies, analyzing strategically and tactically complex positions, naming the combinational motifs used, to playing and replaying games blindfold, “Calculate Till Mate” covers ALL!
The MAIN Tasks Are STEP-BY-STEP! – They are carefully designed and sequenced to develop your visualization technique and blindfold skills in the BEST way possible!
HUNDREDS Of Training Positions & Games
These are not rehashed from other sources and chess books! Long hours have been spent to make sure that you get the MOST instructive and challenging chess positions and games. Study them and CAREFULLY follow the steps and you will be rewarded with MORE rating points and MORE wins!
Note: These tasks are NOT easy. They will push you and your chess skills to the LIMIT… and going through them CAREFULLY, through the DETAILED steps I outline, will reward you with enhanced tactical ‘muscles’, calculation skills with laser-like precision, and visualization skills with UNRIVALLED clarity!
Train A COMPLETE And PROPER Way Of Thinking –
principles without giving you any idea how to use them – this is the biggest mistakes chess books make. But “CALCULATE TILL MATE” fills the gap by showing you not just the principles and components of a good chess thought process… I will show you how to put them together for maximum improvement!
I’ll hand-hold you throughout the process, to make sure you do everything right!
Learn Exactly How To Find & Play Combinations In Your OWN Games –
After careful study of the course and religiously doing the tasks, you will be transformed to a UNIVERSAL player who can play good positional moves, build up his position, and play swashbuckling tactical blows when the chance arises!

If you have always wanted:
     grandmaster igor smirnovTo WIN MORE games, and win them in fine attacking, tactical, & entertaining style that will win your fellow players’ admiration.
     grandmaster igor smirnovTo learn how to calculate like a strong Grandmaster.
     grandmaster igor smirnovTo completely eliminate blunders from your play.
     grandmaster igor smirnovTo find tactical blows in most game you play and nuke your opponents with them.
     grandmaster igor smirnovTo visualize moves and variations CLEARLY and EFFORTLESSLY.
     grandmaster igor smirnovTo sky-rocket your rating off the roof, win more tournaments and sweep the floor with your opponents.
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