December 9, 2013

Review the chess course How to Beat Titled Players

Contains the video lessons:
Lesson 1: “The Key to Victory”
In this lesson, I will tell you in general how it is possible to beat titled players. You will understand clearly:
The general concept about how to win against titled players.
Why most players can get only a draw (as the best result) against a stronger opponent.
How to beat a player whose rating is 100-200 points higher than yours.
How to break the well-known chess “rules” to get great results.
How to use the weaknesses of your opponent’s psychology to gain a victory.
The secret of strong players, which they use to beat titled players.
How to make your opponent feel nervous.
Boris Spassky’s secret regarding beating strong opponents.
What is the most effective style of playing?
Lesson-2: “The First Weapon”
Starting from the second lesson, I will be telling you the concrete weapons, which will allow you to beat stronger players. You will study what and how exactly you should do to use these weapons practically.
After the study of the second lesson, you will know:
How it is possible to create an attack against a strong opponent.
Why most attacking attempts fail.
How to detect the opponent’s mistakes and use them.
The exact system of thinking, which will allow you to find the most powerful attacking ideas.
What you should do in case your attack doesn’t work.
How to easily detect whether your attack will be successful or not.
How to break the defense of a titled opponent.
What, when, and how exactly you should attack to gain a victory.
The one extra secret, which will help you to make your attack much more effective.
Lesson-3: “The Second Weapon”
This lesson provides information about:
How to get the extra skills, which most chess players (even pretty strong players) don’t have.
How to use the common stereotypes to make unpleasant surprises for your strong opponents.
How to find the unexpected moves regularly.
How to play when your strong opponent is pressuring you.
How to find the good moves even in very dangerous situations.
The secret of strong Grandmasters, which allows them to play successfully in a very risky style.
Why the strong players are able to stay calm when they are under an attack.
How to find the moves missed by your opponent.
The exact rules of thinking, which will allow you to make very unpleasant moves for your strong opponents.
Lesson-4: “The Third Weapon”
This lesson is pretty important not only to win against titled players, but also to be able to beat a weaker opponent, who plays for a draw. Here we will discuss:
Why it is necessary to create problems for your opponent always.
One great advantage over most chess players, which you can get easily.
How to complicate a position to get more winning chances.
Why do the strong players always make complications.
You will understand better how to choose the right openings.
How to win the game when your strong opponent is playing for a draw.
How to play safely in a risky style.
Why some strong players lose some positions easily and quickly.
How to find the right moves in unbalanced positions.
Lesson-5: “The Fourth Weapon”
Everyone knows this weapon, but most players can’t use it effectively. Here I will tell you how exactly you can get the most benefit from this weapon. Also you will study:
You will study how the strongest players evaluate a position.
How to find positional sacrifice ideas regularly.
How to beat titled players in the opening.
You will be able to choose the best direction in the complex positions.
The positional sacrifice, which works great nearly always.
How to find the powerful ideas, which seem impossible.
You will avoid one great mistake which stops most players from beating stronger opponents.
One secret of the former Soviet chess school, which makes your game much more powerful and allows you to play much faster.
How to find the best places for your pieces.
How to make an effective positional sacrifice in an opening.
The powerful positional sacrifice idea, which most players don’t know (and there is no information about it in chess books).
Lesson-6: “The Fifth Weapon”
This weapon is one of my favorite ones. It is quite simple (when you understand it) and extremely effective at the same time. I am sure that you will use it with great results.
How you can confuse your opponent and force him to make mistakes.
One great delusion of most chess players.
How to break the plans of a titled player.
How to think during a chess game to have a 100% guarantee of a good result.
Why A. Karpov lead by a score 5:0 against G. Kasparov in their first World Championship match.
The great idea, which helps to find good moves in any positions.
How to use a prophylaxis to win the games.

Contains the practical part:
After a study of the video lessons, you will know how exactly you can beat stronger opponents. The practical part of the program will help you to train these ideas and to get such practical skills.
It allows you to use these weapons in your chess games right after the study of this course.
Thus, the practical part of the course contains:
100 special tasks and games for your training
These special tasks are intended for training your practical skills. We will start from quite easy situations and then go to examples on the top Grandmasters’ level!
The detailed instructions about what and how exactly you should train
It will help you to train yourself properly and to get the best effect from the program.
The concrete examples with commentaries about how exactly you should apply 5 winning weapons in different situations
It is very important to know how exactly you should apply the received knowledge in practice. With my commentaries, I will show you how exactly you should think to use the course’s ideas in your practical games.

If you...
  • want to have some unique skills to beat an experienced opponent.
  • want to have special knowledge which is not presented in chess books.
  • want to know the secrets of strong players, which they will never tell them to you.
then click on the picture below and you can get this knowledge from the course "How to Beat Titled Players"