February 21, 2014

Course for Mac users. Visualization Training

There will be a few interesting topics today.

users can study The Grandmaster’s Secrets COURSE NOW!

I have been receiving a lot of requests from students who have Mac/Apple computers. So far these students have been unable to study my complete courses (because they require a Windows platform).
Hence we have adapted “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” course for Mac computers. It will work on i-Mac Desktop, Mac-book Air, Mac-book Pro Laptop, etc. You can read the technical requirements in more details here: LINK
“The Grandmaster’s Secrets” is my first and most fundamental course. It puts you on the right track and ensures your STEADY progress.
For those who have not studied any of my complete courses yet, I recommend to begin with either “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” or “The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding” course.
GOOD NEWS! In honour of the release of the first Mac version of my courses, there will be 20% DISCOUNT for the course “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” during the next 5 days – till Sunday 23 February 2014.
Just indicate your discount coupon MAC while placing your order and it will cut 20% off the price automatically.
You may read detailed instruction on how to use a discount coupon here: LINK
  • This 20% discount is applicable both to Mac and Windows versions of the course. You’ll get access to both versions of the course after your single payment.
  • For those students who have already purchased the course “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” and now want to get a Mac version of the same course – please contact our support: LINK. You can get a Mac version of “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” course at any time, free of charge.
Next, let’s talk about VISUALIZATION in chess. Several students asked about this topic in comments recently.
While playing a game, you need to calculate and visualize variations constantly. Moreover, you must do it quickly and accurately. This is a difficult task for a lot of players.
At the same time, visualization is a SKILL. Hence it’s just a matter of training and practice. You may start from simple training and perform it in your spare time.
Recently I visited Singapore (which is a very nice country indeed). There I noticed that a lot of people use their mobile phones while travelling in a subway. Unfortunately, quite a big percentage of these people just kill time (playing “angry birds” or something similar :) ).
Instead, you can use your spare time (when you stand in a queue, travel on a bus, etc.) for visualization training.
TASK-1: “Knight adventures”
Imagine a clear chess board with White knight on a1. Your task is to move the knight from the a1 to the h8 square. Close your eyes and try to visualize this movement. Try doing it right now.
Your answer (that you should say to yourself while performing a task) may sound like this:
The knight goes from a1 to b3 square, then to d4-square, e6-g5-f7-h8. Voila! :)
Then you may modify the task and use any other squares for the knight. For instance, try to move the knight from f1 to b8. In any case, you should move the knight from one side of the board to the other.
TASK-2: “What’s the colour?”
As usual, you must not look at a chess board. What’s the colour of the f5-square? Is it White or Black?
If you aren’t sure about that, you can calculate it. The A1-square is Black. As you know, Black and White squares alternate. Hence you can calculate the squares and detect the colour of any square on a chess board.
Of course, the f5-square is White.
Then you may guess the colour of any random square (what’s the colour of d7-square, f2-square, etc.?). Of course, you should not look at a chess board and should strive to provide answers instantly.
IMPORTANT: Performing such training will improve your calculation and visualization skills. Moreover, this is great intellectual gymnastics that keeps your mind sharp.
I can’t provide all recommendations about visualization in this one lesson. However, you can find a complete program for visualization training in the course “Calculate Till Mate
While in Singapore, I met with some of my students.
On the left side you can see Joshua. He sent me an e-mail about his chess results some months ago:

Hi Igor,
It took only a month (YES A MONTH!) after I studied your GM Positional Understanding course that it started to manifest in my game. This is when I went home for my R&R, I joined and bag the championship for the Executive Chess Swiss Tournament (6w,2D,0L) in our country. I was able to beat all of my seasoned opponents who are known master calibres by using your STRATEGIC PRINCIPLES only. They just can’t believe how they’ve lost to me since I was an unrated nobody. I can’t believe to myself that I won the championship!
Joshua Juaneza

I bet Joshua also couldn’t believe that I’ll reply to this e-mail personally (not by a general  e-mail),LOL :)
So do your training diligently. I reserve the right to travel to your country and check your results personally! He-heh :)
P. S. Please take note that the special offer of a 20% DISCOUNT for the course “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” will only be available till Sunday 23 February.
From now on, “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” course will work both on Windows and Mac computers.

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