May 9, 2015

Let the Courses from Remote Chess Academy bring out the Chess Master in YOU!

  • Grandmaster’s Secrets: This course will show you MOST essential principles of chess. Learn how to think and train like the PROs with this course: LINK
  • GM’s Opening Laboratory: Know how to EFFICIENTLY study an opening! Comes with a reliable White and Black repertoire: LINK
  • How To Beat Titled Players: Facing a titled player? The 5 Chess Weapons in this course will show you how to demolish the opposition: LINK
  • Your Winning Plan: Planning is one of the MOST important skills in chess! Learn how to read the chess board like an open book and plan like the PROs: LINK
  • An Endgame Expert: Learn how to play the endgame like Smyslov, Capablanca, and Karpov! Win those endgames like the PROs: LINK
  • Self Taught Grandmaster: Make your training program 3 times more effective with the most effective chess training techniques: LINK
  • GM’s Positional Understanding: This course will show you how to develop that DEEP chess understanding that allows you to find the RIGHT plans and moves in an INSTANT: LINK
  • Calculate Till Mate: This is a COMPLETE and UNIQUE 3-in-1 training system that will sharpen your tacticscalculation, and visualization skills like no other chess book, DVD, or training program couldLINK
  • Unlocking the Grandmaster's Mind: You'll not only learn how a Grandmaster actually thinks during a game of chess but also, you'll learn much more. And most importantly, you'll be able to incorporate them into YOUR games: LINK
  • Champion Psychology: Learn how to treat your opponents and ACTUALLY achieve your goals: LINK