July 27, 2015

Paranormal chess endgames with different coloured bishops

Generally, there are certain rules and principles that are followed in the endgame stage of a chess game. But in some cases, these rules might not be applicable.
I think you can easily understand what I’m trying to say by looking at the example below:chess
White to play
White is down two pawns here. Moreover, his only two pawns are not connected, whereas all the Black pawns are connected. So it seems that White doesn’t stand a chance here. What do you think about this situation? Do you think it’s a win for Black or can White push for a draw?
Please think about it seriously, as I believe you are going to learn something very exciting and effective today. :)excite
Normally, endgames with different- (opposite-) coloured bishops might end up in a draw. But it’s not so in all cases. There are some ‘regular’ chess rules that will not work here.
Sometimes, a player may have a few extra pawns (like in the above situation), but still the game would end in a draw. There is something ‘mysterious’ here. :)mystery
You need to understand the idea clearly – the concept of such chess endgames. Sometimes having a material advantage cannot be considered as a real advantage – it may be in vain.
To help you understand this philosophy, our guest coach GM Levan Aroshidze has prepared a video lesson for you. :)
You can watch the video lesson below:

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