August 12, 2015

New chess opening course: Bogo-indian defense

Some time ago, we released the course “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory – 2” (LINK). It received mixed feedback from our students. Those who studied the course appreciated good analysis of the openings. Some of the students were even able to defeat IMs/GMs using the lines provided. However, the other group of students wasn’t particularly happy.
They complained that:
  • they would want to have the video reviews of the openings
  • they were interested in some of the openings presented in the course but not in all of them (as they don’t play some of the openings presented).
In order to address these requests, we are considering splitting “The GM’s Openings Laboratory – 2” course into separate openings, thereby making it possible for you to purchase any particular opening for a relatively small price.priceIn order to improve it further, we’ll record the additional video lessons explaining each opening. Feel free to let me know if you like this idea (you may write your comments below).
We’ve already prepared the dedicated opening course about the “Bogo-Indian Defense“. If you like this type of opening course, I’ll keep producing new ones. :) Of course, I’ll take into account all the additional requests you submitted during the recent survey (LINK) and via comments.
Therefore, our new opening course “Bogo-Indian Defense” is being released today! The author of this course is our guest coach GM Levan Aroshidze:)levanThe Bogo-Indian is a solid and positionally sound opening. It can be used against both weaker opponents (whose positional understanding is lacking) and against strong rivals (because it gives you a very solid position). Hence, you can be ready to go in for the fight! :)fight
Note: you can find all details and the technical information about the course here: LINK
Now comes the important part – special offers:)
Special offer – 1:
I’m going to provide everyone with a 30% discount on this course. This offer will be valid from today (12 August) to Friday, 14 August (inclusive).bogo30Use the discount code “bogo30” when making your purchase. If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here: LINK
Special offer – 2:
As you can see above, I wrote that the practical part is taken from the course “GM’s Opening Lab – 2” (LINK). We value those loyal students who have already bought and studied the course “GM’s Opening Lab – 2” and we’re going to treat them in a ‘special’ way! :)
If you are among them, accept my congratulations because you’ll get a massive 50% discount on the course the “Bogo-Indian Defense”! :)loyalWe’ll contact the students who already bought the course “GM’s Opening Lab – 2″, shortly and provide them with the 50% discount!
So, just grab the course now and enjoy learning! :)
designAdditionally, we had a discussion on our Facebook page (LINK) on the topic: “What should the best chess opening course contain?”; and remember that the person who gets the maximum number of ‘likes’ for his/her comment would get the course the “Bogo-Indian Defense” for FREE.
And the winner is Radja, who has got 10 ‘likes’. Congratulations Radja – thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, and enjoy studying the course! :)
likesAlso, I thank everyone who participated in the discussion – you can still get this course with some special offers (that are mentioned above).
P.S. After studying the course, please feel free to write your feedback below in the comments. Also, let us know your thoughts and suggestions on our existing and future opening courses by taking part in the survey here: LINK

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