June 12, 2014

The art of Defence in chess

Today we’ll see how to DEFEND in chess.
But firstly, I would like to talk to you about an important subject. We have created a survey for our students and this is the opportunity for you to give us your wishes and needs about future lessons.
It is very important to participate in this survey. Thanks to your wishes, we’ll develop our new lessons and training tools according to YOUR needsWe need your opinion to create tomorrow’s tools.
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Now we’ll go to the theme of the day: DEFENCE
The position below was played in a game between Iturrizaga Bonelli (2635) and Alvarez Marquez (2410). This game is very interesting, because Black has lots of attacks and White has to stay in defence.
Iturrizaga – AlvarezIturrizaga- AlvarezWhite’s Turn
In this position, it’s White to move. Now you are Iturrizaga Bonelli and you have to find the best way to defend this difficult position. Take your time, if you don’t want to give Black the opportunity to checkmate you.
When you have an answer ready, you can check the whole game with detailed comments on this link: LINK
P.S. How would YOU play in the position from the diagram? Don’t leave without posting your answer! :)

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